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Re: Aerostar 700 / 702 iPhone App for W & B

Posted: 16 Jan 2015, 13:44
by admin
Hi Bill,

You had asked why this post was moved so I'll advise on our guidelines. The "Downloads" area is intended to be a "go-to" FTP than a forum. Postings that encourage replies and exchanges are moved out into other areas. I used the standard forum format simply because it is familiar and easy to navigate. Your post could have gone into "other" but I felt it would be better off here.

We are different from the "other site" in that the buy and sell area will highlight "new material" just like the other forums. We also do not expire listings until withdrawn by the owner.

From the number of replies and exchanges with Members - it looks like they did indeed find your offering. It's great of you to be offering this to Members at no cost and many of us appreciate all the work that goes into this kind of software development.

If you don't mind feedback, I'd make the software so it will work for any Aerostar, like 600, 601, supers etc, You would need a "setup" module so owners could enter their own aircraft's particular data. The setup module would be a one-time program that would populate a data set of variables. (Aux tank or not, filler adapter or not, empty parameters, mid-seat(s)-removed.

One of our Members has done a lot of beta testing and development team feedback. He has offered to donate some time if you are game to develop a more flexible product. I think most Members would be happy to pay something for it.

The Forum Queen

Re: Aerostar 700 / 702 iPhone App for W & B

Posted: 21 Jan 2015, 22:42
by Bill Ositas
What Frank says is true. You can set your own weights. Just not the limits.

I think I could add a selection that chooses the type of plane which would default the limits Etc, or allow custom parameters. But I think the 600,600p,700 are all the same, aren't they? It's just the 702 that's different, right?

The point was really to give me a way to quickly calculate my own w&b. Apple is lame that they don't really allow for personal apps - everything must be on the App Store or it times out and requires all kinds of funky digital signatures to keep working.

I really have no desire to charge for it. Even at $10 it could sell a hundred copies and still barely cover a full tank of gas. What's the point?! Maybe I'll add ads to it if I can see a way to do it unobtrusively. That would let me earn ad credits for promoting things that actually DO make money.


Re: Aerostar 700 / 702 iPhone App for W & B

Posted: 24 Mar 2015, 06:40
by Joe Hernandez
Very Nice, simple and intuitive. Thanks for your contribution to our flying safety and fun!

Re: Aerostar 700 / 702 iPhone App for W & B

Posted: 25 Mar 2015, 00:15
by Bill Ositas
I have an update ready that adds a simple fuel calculator, but it's waiting for Apple to approve it.

Here is what it looks like on an iPhone:


Of course, all those settings are adjustable. If you touch the question mark, you can enter two airports IDs and calculate the direct distance between them based on the lat/lon obtained from AirNav.

Re: Aerostar 700 / 702 iPhone App for W & B

Posted: 09 Apr 2015, 19:18
by Walter Kahn


Re: Aerostar 700 / 702 iPhone App for W & B

Posted: 10 Apr 2015, 00:43
by Bill Ositas
Ahh.. I guess you guys noticed that the update finally posted today... When I get a chance I'll add set it up to parse the airport elevation from the AirNav info in the fuel calculator so it can calculate climb/descent more accurately. Is it a pain that you have to be on-line to do the airport distance calculation, or is everyone just using it on an iphone anyway?

Next I just need to find a good source for winds aloft to add winds to the calculations....

Any suggestions for what else you guys want to be able to look up quickly in the lookup page?

Also, I have another project that uses these iBeacons and the cool thing about them is that you can set it up so the phone wakes up the app when it sees the related beacon. The beacons themselves run on batteries and weight about an ounce. So, if you had a beacon in your airplane, the app would wake up every time you got in the plane it would log the time and location, and when you went out of range of the aircraft it would log the time and location and you would have an approximate flight time and where you went.

I'm terrible at keeping logs, I download them from my JPI at the end of the year. But that doesn't tell me where I went. This would be permanently stored in iCloud (so it would survive a bricked phone) and it doesn't require you to even start an app each time you fly to maintain the log.

I'm probably going to do it anyway, but what do you guys think of the idea?


Re: Aerostar 700 / 702 iPhone App for W & B

Posted: 19 Dec 2018, 18:10
by admin
According to Apple rules - one can not load any app that does not come from the app store. Also I believe that Bill would be subject to annual fees and compliance issues. As Apple "upgrades" their OS they expect the developer to jump the hurdles. There is no fee for the app and no up side for Bill, but maybe he'll respond.

It is a GREAT piece of work. I'd pay for it happily.

Re: Aerostar 700 / 702 iPhone App for W & B

Posted: 19 Dec 2018, 19:14
by Josh Holtzman
I used to use this W&B app when it was available in the app store. I've since switched to using ForeFlight's W&B feature, which also works great, allows total customization (aux fuel tank, fuel "overfill", middle seats installed or removed, etc) and allows me to remove one more icon from the icon sea that is IOS.

Re: Aerostar 700 / 702 iPhone App for W & B

Posted: 20 Mar 2019, 09:46
by Bill Ositas
Yeah, it's back up in the store with some bug fixes. Should update alright.

I pretended to be retired for a while and didn't keep stuff up to date, but that Aerostar takes a lot of care and feeding, so I'm working again.

Link for download is here: ... o%3D4&mt=8